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The CORAS tool is a diagram editor that can be freely dowloaded. The tool is designed to support on-the-fly modeling using all kinds of CORAS diagrams. It has six parts as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Pull down menu: Offers standard functions such as open, save, copy, cut, paste, undo and print.
  • Tool bar: Offers easy access to standard functions of the pull-down menu.
  • Pallette: Contains all the model elements and relations for drawing CORAS diagrams.
  • Drawing area: The area or canvas for drawing the CORAS diagrams.
  • Properties window: Lists the properties of selected elements. Can be used to edit the values of the properties.
  • Outline: Presents the project and its diagrams as a tree.

The following animation is a demo with instructions on how to get started using the tool, as well as how to use its basic functionality. The example diagrams of the demo are taken from Chapter 3 of the CORAS book, A Guided Tour of the CORAS Method. The PDF of the chapter can be downloaded for free from the Springer web-page.

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Page updated January 31, 2012